Room Tour: Tessie Fay


I love getting emails and messages with how you put together your children's spaces with Sarah Jane art or fabric. It seriously makes magic in my brain. And my heart.

I got an email from Tessie this week with links to her daughters room. Isn't it gorgeous? She hung this print on the wall and it's just adorable in the space.


I love how she used this embroidery pattern on the pillow. "Just Stay Little" is honestly my sentiment as a mother. I mean, growing up and being best friends with your kids is awesome...but there is nothing like the "little" stage. I wish I could stop time, right?

How she framed the "Month by Month" calendar girls is maybe my favorite. The calendar girls were some of the first images in my shop 6 years ago, where I added a new print every month. It was so fun to do! And since these prints are square, and there is no color in the background, how she chose to frame them is adorable.

You can see the full room tour here. 

Items used in her room are:

I love to see the Temple print

Just Stay Little Embroidery

Month by Month prints

So thank you Tessie for this great room tour! You need to check out her blog, where she has great tutorials and awesome home reno and decor projects. 

I to paint a coral table just like she did. 

Do you have a space you've created with Sarah Jane fabric and prints? I'd love to see your images. You are always welcome to email me (my contact info is on the contact page). I know one of your main suggestions that I keep up here on the blog was to keep up the sharing of how you are all using my designs. And while the Pinterest and Flickr and Facebook are nice , it's great to see it all here.

Happy Weekend every one!