GIVEAWAY 4: The Girl Who Wouldn't Brush Her Hair

giveaway4 Today's giveaway is an exciting announcement.

Jake Parker, one of my kids FAVORITE illustrators (remember Awesome Man?)  just came out with another book this week.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 11.48.07 PM

The Girl who wouldn't brush her hair is seriously a charmer. A must have if you have any girls in the house.


Besides the fact that the illustrations are amazing, and the story is so darling, this book will make a hair brusher out of anyone.


Take Ella. My 4 year old has the longest, most gorgeous hair, but she has refused to let me brush is for seriously the past year. It's no joke a project to get her to sit still every night and comb through it, which always resulted in the rats-nest-super-tangled-BUN-hair-do.

You know what I mean?

Enter Jake's book.


The story is about a girl who refuses to brush her hair, and mice start to make a home in her locks (rats nests), which at first is rather entertaining, but by the end she isn't a big fan, resulting in The Girl being a devout hair brusher. It's hilarious.

And works like a charm:)

Ella has brushed her hair every day for 2 weeks now after getting the book, and wears her hair in braids every night. No joke. She's a new woman, and I have this book to thank for it!

For today's giveaway, Jake is giving away 1 signed copy of the book! 


1) Leave a comment below. Maybe a funny brushing hair story? I'm sure you've got one.

2) Entries open until Sunday September 15th, 2013

3) One winner will be chosen and announced September 16th

And be sure to spread the word....good books deserve a proper shout out!

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Enjoy!! I can't wait to hear how you like the book!