Let me introduce you....

IMG_8285 So, I'm not really sure how 2 weeks has gone by since Anders made his appearance. How does time fly like that? My goodness. I'm missing those earliest moments with him already!

As I've mentioned before, my pregnancy  was on the difficult side to say the least.  It was just one thing after another. And it never seemed to let up. First the morning sickness that kept me in the bathroom most mornings and nights, and then the pre-term labor contractions that put me on partial bed rest starting about 20 weeks.  Then came the Symphasis Pubis Disorder which is a premature separation of the pubic bone that put me on total bed rest mostly due to the pain factor. I had excruciating pain and my movement was very limited for the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy that physical therapy couldn't even fix. I used electric carts at the grocery store for the first time, and I found a new empathy for anyone who has ever needed a wheelchair.  I won't lie and say I was tough girl. I tried, but this pregnancy got me on my knees a lot. Trying to keep it all together and be a mom to my 3 others, and still illustrate and design at the same time was so incredibly challenging. My kids were troopers and my husband was a rockstar. We made it through! Every day was a mountain, and I can honestly say it stretched in ways I never planned on. No pun intended.

I don't say that to vent or complain at all. I say that because when my water finally broke at 5:04 am August 1st, I felt like I'd won the Boston Marathon.

It felt like Christmas morning. I just started crying.

All my worries and fears and discomforts were put aside, and he was finally coming! A calm trip to the hospital, a peaceful start and a beautiful delivery.  He spent a bit of time in the NICU, but everything was as it should be. I just burst into tears with joy that first moment I saw him, grateful for him, and grateful that the two of us made the rough and hard journey together. It was all finally all worth it.

IMG_8165 IMG_8200

There really isn't anything that can describe those first few moments holding a baby. Those first few hours are so magical. The smell. The sounds. I'd have a million of 'em if it didn't mean pregnancy and college tuition for each one:) And teenage years.

IMG_8209 IMG_8233 IMG_8234 IMG_8247 IMG_8259

Having my kids be old enough to really appreciate everything about Anders has been so awesome. They just dote  on him. All. Day. Long. And while 4 feels like a circus right now, it's amazing how much easier this phase is with older kids who can do things like grab me a blanket from across the room, or help a sister to the potty. Circus, but happy circus.

anders 1 week IMG_2661



Thank you for all your lovely well wishes and sweet notes. It's been wonderful to hibernate with this little guy for the past 2 weeks and life is starting to get back in gear just a tad. We're all still in Babymoon phase, and there is definitely a slower pace around the house. But school is starting, new projects are rolling in and life is moving us forward. This time with 4 kids in tow! It's amazing.

IMG_8294 IMG_8344I hope you don't mind lots of pictures, because I can't stop capturing this little guy. You'll be seeing lots of him I'm sure:)

So, say hello to Anders. He'll be saying Hello right back.

Glad you are introduced.