Still here.

june instagram Well, well well. Hello!

No. I haven't had my baby, which is probably what you are thinking since I haven't really been online for 2 weeks. It kinda just happened! Sorry for the unexcused absence, but life is life, right? I'm at the last lap of my pregnancy, trying to cope with deadlines and crazy nesting instincts all while managing my "pelvic rest" pre-term labor stuff. That, and my husband had abdominal surgery 2 weeks ago, and with kids out of school, and a house that we are attempting to renovate, everything else has gone on hold.


And of course, throw designing a new fabric line and other art projects, and let's just say I will be lucky if my kids have clean pj's tonight.

It's a reality check really. When I've done my very best to manage a lot of things in the past, to be reduced down to just the bare basics. It's been good in a lot of ways, but a big challenge too.

I'm going to be posting a bit less for the next little bit I'm sure, but that doesn't mean there isn't anything going on!

So, stick with me! Next week, I have 2 tutorials for you, a sale coming up, and other fun summery treats.

Ohmygosh. And it's over 100 degrees here. I have never minded so much until this summer when I'm already carrying a little furnace. Any suggestions for summer pregnancies? I can't get enough ice water and cool baths.

I hope you are still around? Hello?  Hope I haven't lost ya. But maybe you are busy swimming and vacationing and eating snow cones. I sure hope so!

So come back Monday, and we'll pick up where we left off.

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Happy Friday!!