And the baby is a...




I found out in the morning, and needing to hurry and run my kids' lunches to school (daylight savings kills me every year....We've been so sleepy in the mornings!), I decided to tell Addie and Ian the gender as a surprise when they opened their lunch. It was a hit!

All the kids were actually planning on a boy (it would make sense....girl, boy, girl...boy) but I think I was the most surprised.


So, baby boy coming in August. We couldn't be more thrilled to be adding another little boy to the family. It's all getting so real now!

I'm whistling a happy tune. It feels just right.



PS: Are you reading this in Google Reader? I'm assuming you've heard the news. It is to be no more. (insert pouty face). Make sure to resubscribe in a different feed! Don't want to lose ya!