4:365 or The very BIG "little" announcement

4.365 Yep. That's a self portrait. Or an "I-will-soon-be-that-big" self portrait.

Baby #4 is coming this summer, and we are so so so super thrilled.

It's been hard to keep it a secret, because I've actually been so sick. Like, this weekend I barely got out of bed. I think I sat up to ask for more ice chips a couple times. Maybe.

My husband is earning major medals, let me tell you. He's a total rock star. He's been on bedtime duty, dinner duty, laundry duty and dish duty for a while now. I think he's seriously ready for his wife back!

I wish I could say my pregnancies are easy, but unfortunately, I've been lucky if I can eat more than a handful of oyster crackers and a protein shake each day.

Ian's comment the other day was "Mom, all you eat are vitamins and popsicles!"


So, needless to say, I've been pretty preoccupied and maybe you noticed my posts since December have been a bit more sparse!

But I'm on the up-and-up (I hope!) at 12 weeks now, and baby is now the size of a lime. I love thinking about this little darling!

Right now, I'm making sure to just focus on the most important things. But I will say that I'm constantly thinking about juggling all this amidst book deadlines, fabric deadlines and other work stuff. But what I do know, is that I'm doing what I know is right for us, and that God provides. I've seen it too many times to get concerned (which I do, cause well, I'm a worrier....I admit!) But I'm really looking forward to an infant in the home. It softens everyone, and everything always seems to just come together. And Ella is just getting too old. She's definitely the baby of the group, but it's time for another little pixie. Oh, I just can't wait to meet this little person!! This baby is awesome. I can feel it.

So....here we go! It's a beautiful, thrilling ride. I'll keep you updated. It's going to be a wonderful adventure!