I'm just starting to work on the portraits for the portrait project this year. And it's so much fun! Every month, I'll be posting new portraits. This is my way of keeping my art up, my skills in check and making sure that I'm drawing every day. Deadlines are great motivators!

This portrait was a wedding present to the little girl on the left, who isn't so little, given to her by her big sister on the right, now a big broadway actress. Love her blog. 

And maybe you know of the middle sister? Brilliantly talented family.

And just an FYI, this year is sold out, but if you email me (click the contact button on the top right of my blog) and title the email WAIT LIST I'll notify you when the first round of openings will be. (You'll want to know, cause this last round sold out in less than 24 hours).

So.....here's to more art making this year! Thanks for being my motivation to draw every day:)