#365 Drawings


This year is one where I am seriously determined to really become better at what I do all around. There are lots of ways to go about that, and one of them is to make sure I'm drawing as much as I can.

I've been motivated by Fifth& Hazel and Alma Loveland with their #365 Patterns project, and Loobyloo's 365 sketch project. Both are super realistic, and I don't promise to post all of my sketches to this space. Although I'm pretty motivated to.

I know having a public space can intimidate some to take risks, expose growth and change, especially when for someone like me, I've worked really hard at branding myself in a certain style. But, I'll be the first to tell you that taking risks and being willing to produce stuff that's lousy or mediocre is the first step to cracking the code to successful growth.

Basically, what I'm saying here, is that I've always been terrified of posting sketches and doodles on a frequent basis here, which is exactly why I need to.

So, hello #365 Drawing Project.

Anyone who wants to join in, please do. Or just come here and visit, and maybe say "Nice Job" or something like that, just to make this not so intimidating!

There will be doodles, sketches, art....some rendered and some super loose and quick. Mama does need to get dinner on the table too. But this is my race this year. How far can I push myself? Let's see!