Paper Doll Tins

We love paper dolls at our house. I'm thinking of making some more for Christmas, and I came across this really darling idea from Alanna's Blog who blogged about magnetic paper doll tins. I had to share!

She took the paper dolls, and made their own boxes, and lined it with the Children at play crafting paper. So so darling.

She used the smaller, pre-cut Making Memories Dolls that I designed.  But you can also use the Paper Dolls I have in the shop as a PDF download HERE.

(The set has 6 dolls and 30 outfits!)

I'm starting to feel the "crunch" time of getting my handmade gifts done for this Christmas. You? I'd love to know what you are making this season. Do you have any handmade gifts you just can't wait to give?



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