Mechanically Minded

A while back, I shared this sketch here, and I have wanted to make it into a print since.

This week, I'm taking the time to count my blessings. And today I'm grateful for little little boy in particular: For how this brain works, and for the amazing mystery it is to me.

I often wonder what the inside of my son's head looks like, and all I can do is remember mine as a child, and think that for Ian, who is a self proclaimed inventor and architect, it would look like this.

So, for any other children out there, who see their world in pulleys and levers, with buttons to push for every command, this is for you.

Print available Here.

Oh, and dont' forget the AMAZING fabric giveaway ending today here.

And PS: if you have a child who loves building and inventing things, this book is a must read. A family favorite. Do you know it?