what if we said it more

I've been thinking a lot of compassion lately. Understanding both sides of the story. Being aware of other's needs before your own. Maybe it's the political climate. Maybe it's that I have small children and not a day goes by with some lesson that includes the word "share" "say you're sorry" "I love you" and "It's OK."

Maybe it's that the Weepies are on repeat tonight: "Don't say words you don't mean | Looking back now I only wish I had been kinder | Did I ever know love, did I ever know love? And could I have been blinder?"

But I'm constantly aware of the possibly oversimplified truth, but truth nevertheless, that if we all just learned to see and understand the other person's perspective, and said "I'm Sorry" more often, the world would be better off for it.

And I personally wouldn't mind painted color dots showing up every time forgiveness happened either. It'd be a much prettier world, at that.

Be unexpectedly nice to someone today.