Pin & Flickr Friday: QUILTS



I love these friday round ups. Mostly because it gives me a chance to really appreciate all the amazing projects that I could never do myself.

Today, I have quilts on my mind. Addie is determined to make a quilt for her newest niece (Rebecca, don't read this!) and we're looking to put the pieces together this weekend. Addie is a determined little maker, and it makes me so happy to create with her!

It's also getting colder, and we could use some more quilts in the basement:)

*as cozy as spring*

So here's my Out to Sea  and Children at Play quilt round up today. By no means are they conclusive...please click on over here and here to get more inspired!

*Image Here* 

*erica jackman*

*red pepper quilts*

 *sweet unwrapping life*

*A Quilt is Nice*

*A Quilt is Nice*

*rose smoke*

*Kristen Coverlets*

*Katie Deerie*

*Katie Deerie*

*Fresh Lemons*

Image Here.

*snips snippets*


I'm gushing over them all! Ya. Pretty Amazing. And I've only scratched the surface with all there is to see! Check out the Photo groups here and here as well as my Pinterest pages here and here. So many ideas!

Do you have a favorite quilt design you are itching to make this season? The holidays always get the juices going! Do share....I'd love to know what your latest ideas are!