New Sarah Jane: Part 4

I can honestly say I've been wanting to make this update for well over a year.

You know that feeling when you've gone through that closet in your house that never seems to be organized? and then you clean it out so well you feel like you could call Martha and tell her about it?

That's how I feel right now.

I've updated my blog with the incredibly amazing skills of Melanie at Fifth & Hazel, and I couldn't be happier. (She's amazing by the way. Top Notch).

So, there are lots of changes in every corner of this blog. But here are the biggies:



Now you can access all your favorite tutorials, Free Downloads, and whatever project or printable you need! This blog is growing into a place to access resources and I'm so excited to have a gallery of projects and free stuff! Horray!

I also created the blog so you'd have easy access to participating in the communities around your favorite products! Click around, and you'll be able to get involved and inspired.



I'm bringing on only my favorite Sponsors to give you direct access to fabric stores carrying my fabric, amazing designers and other businesses that are sisters to this site. Please click over, and get to know them. They are all amazing.  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, contact me here.



I've upgraded my comments section, so that you can actually reply to eachother, to me, and really have a conversation going. It's all in real time as well, and it's mighty cool!

And see that cute heart at the bottom of each post? This is a new little thing that makes it easy to LIKE a post, if you don't have time to comment! Just another way to spread the love:)



My biggest frustration with my last space was that it was basically hard to find anything. And I want to keep giving you great stuff! So now, more than ever, I'm super motivated to offer more tutorials, printables, and lots of great stuff! And, it's super easy to find.


So, I'm going to sign off and let you click around. Get to know the site. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section! And holler if there are any trainwrecks.

I'm really looking forward to a NEW SARAH JANE: More focus on daily activity here, more illustration, Projects and more inspiration!!!

Have fun surfing around, and thanks for all your support of this space. It's getting better every day!