New Sarah Jane: Part 3

If you've been with me the past couple months, you are starting so notice some changes that I've been making to the shop and heard me talk about making more room in my life for creative living.  It's been an amazing few weeks, and after reading all your 700 comments from the survey that you took a while back, I've really been so much more confident to move forward with some changes that I've been afraid to make!

One of the biggest reasons, according to the survey, that you come here to visit me on the blog, is to see new art and to get free downloads and tutorials. Which, really, is why I take the time out of my day to read blogs as well! I want to not just get inspired, but I want to DO something with what I see. Download it, craft it, make it, print it. You get what I mean right? We all have such limited time, and I want to be more involved with creating more illustration and design that you can use! That's where the fun is, right?

So, I came to 3 conclusions:

1) I need to redesign my blog so that you can find and access projects and downloads easier. And then I need to take the time to offer more projects and printables!  Yay!

2) I need to open my blog to sponsors so that I can justify taking the time to offer more inspiration here!

3) I want to help you get to know the people that either carry my products or offer things that you know I'd want to share.

I've grappled with the idea of having sponsors for a long time, but the truth is, I want to offer more resources of my own and of other creative businesses that support what I do! So really, it's a win win.

I'm nearly done redesigning my blog with the talented Melanie of Fifth & Hazel, and I hope it will make getting around this blog and the resources here so much more easy and fun!

Do you have a business that supports what we are doing here at Sarah Jane? Do you have a fabric store that carries my fabric? Or do you offer sewing patterns that you know readers here would love to see? What about parenting or educational services? Are you a creative business that would like to get some notice?

With the holidays right around the corner, this is a great time to hop on board!

Email Ann at ann (at) sarahjanestudios (dot) com for information and rates. We'd love to hear from you!

And PS: Thank you also for entering the giveaway!!! What a turn out. You can see the 5 winners at the bottom of the giveaway post here.