Christmas and Clearance.

Well, as much as I'm in denial, it's October first (happy birthday to my sister!) and it's time to start thinking holidays.

I'm usally against Christmas thinking this early on, but I'm getting more and more used to holiday shopping it helps me enjoy my December so much more!

But it's even more critical that I tell you about the shop updates now, because we're clearing out! All Paper Goods (cards, hang tags, journals, bookplates, etc) will be gone forever once we sell out.  And we don't have much left actually!

There are a handful of journals that we are putting out again too, all on clearance. 

These cards are my favorite. But we don't have much left! So hurry on over to the HOLIDAY section of the shop.

This card above, WINTER CHEER,  has been by far our best seller for years. I'm going to be sad to see it go.

And there are all of the favorite holiday items back in the shop as well! The prints and PDF's will be there all holiday season. It's just the paper gift items that will be going fast. I wish I could keep them all, but I feel really great about narrowing down my inventory and spending more time illustrating. Can't wait to show you more of what's to come!