Well, she IS a princess.

I'm writing from my studio...and it's late...and I had to pop in and say how much fun I'm having. Believe it or not, running this business and working as many deadlines as I do, it's easy to get bogged down by all the "non-fun" parts of it all. I know, it sounds terrible right? Cause I love it! But spreadsheets and calculations and numbers? Not so much. I've been having to do a lot of that lately.

Anyways....back to this cute octopus. She's a total doll, and I'm loving her at the moment.

I've been cranking away at a big new release of new stuff for monday. Sound fun? I can't wait! I wish it was monday:)

But until then, enjoy this little Octo-princess and know she can officially be adopted starting the 24th of September.

(Is it really the end of September? Wasn't it just July like yesterday?)

Signing off. Back to drawing adorable cute things.

But mark your calendars for monday! I'm kinda excited to show you lots a stuff:)