New Sarah Jane: Out to Sea Art Prints

New Art Prints! Part of this new shift in Sarah Jane is more art prints, especially designed around collections. The Out to Sea Fabric collection was a delight to create, and I'm just as excited to offer prints as well!

The great thing about today, is that for the FIRST time, we are now offering 5x7 prints! We have been getting requests for ages, but it's a size that take a bit more cutting down, and we are now offering it. Especially now that I'm not going to be offering cards after this year, I am happy that there will be smaller print size to choose from!

Mermaid Games. Playing with Narwhals is my idea of a fun day.

Pirate Girls. Each one has a job on deck!

Mermaid & Octopus. These two are going to make great friends.

Water marks and © marks are just for the web by the way:) 

Deep Sea Princess. She's my favorite.


Set Sail. I wanted to offer something a little more neutral, and still. All of these prints are the original ink illustrations from the fabric line by the way, actual size. I've had to modify them of course for the artwork, but the line work is actually the original art from when I designed the fabric.

And....Dun dun dun.....MAPS!!!!!!

I'm obsessed with map prints in children's spaces, and this is my favorite print in the collection. A nautical world map, with treasure marks, deep sea creatures and scribbled cursive ink dipped handwriting for all the ports.

Catch me by the Sea (coming later today!) is a hand painted sign type print, which makes me wish more than ever I lived where I could hear the roaring ocean every single day.

And Sailing Adventures. Meant to compliment the map, this ship is ready for a grand voyage!

And to finish up, thank you so much for all your kind words, emails and comments on yesterday's posts on the downsizing of the shop. I'm refocussing, and it feels good. I'm so lucky to have such an amazing group of kindred spirits here!

Farewell, mates! I look forward to seeing some major nautical decorating going on:) Do share!