Because I forgot to tell you....

Hi! Happy Friday! The OUT TO SEA fabric has had a GREAT release this week! I'm So excited to see all of you get your hands on some fun end of summer projects:)

But I've been getting tons of emails asking for measurements of the map panel prints. Let me help you out .

One single Map is exactly 12x22 inches. There is a very convenient faint grid that I included in the design, which is marked in inches....very easy to cut.

So, when you cut 1/3 of a yard, you will get 2 maps...since there are two maps that will fit on the bolt (which is 44" across).

If you are ordering online, you can specify 1/3 of a yard and make sure that you are getting 2 full maps. Some stores are only allowing cuts in 1/3 increments to that no one is cutting into it.

Happy Sewing!

And Happy Friday! We start school next more weekend of summer! (insert sad face here).



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