Spring book giveaway #1: I Speak Dinosaur

I've been lucky to meet a lot of uber-talented people in my life. The kind that you just sit back and go, "Wow. That's a gift."

Jed Henry is one of those people. When you meet him, it's like you can see all the wheels turning in his head. Well, you can't see them, but you just know something's going on. And he gets it. He gets kids, and the way they think.

I SPEAK DINOSAUR is so awesome. A book about manners, and learning when it's ok to be a scary dinosaur, and when it's not. http://youtu.be/jNrwuq1aRJY

K. So you have to watch this little clip. Your kids will love it. It's only 50 seconds...but so cute.

Today, I'm giving away 1 signed copy of the book!

Here's the scoop:

1) Leave ONE comment below

2) Entries will be closed at midnight Eastern Standard time

3) Check back tomorrow to see who the winner is

4) And, if you can right click one more time, spread the word the best way you know how: Twitter, Facebook, Good Reads, Like it on Amazon, tell your kid's school teacher...Let's keep the book industry stay alive, shall we? It's a struggling world out there on many levels, and books haven't been spared. Sharing the love, even just with a click, can make such a difference!

Good luck!

**COMMENTS CLOSED** Winner was Gail #79! Congrats!!