And that made the difference.

So I think one of the reasons I've slowed down blogging a bit (besides the obvious need to have larger chunks of creative time) is that I've been wrapped up in parenting stuff with all 3 kids going through tricky "phases." Just phases...but they catch me off guard every time. I mean, just the normal stuff, really. All good, just the tiring kind, you know? I guess it never occurred to me how much mental and emotional effort I was spending until this week when I realized that all 3 were going through their "phases" all at the same time.  Which, you know, means 3 different types of parenting, at the same time, all the time, and with equal intensity (they don't get their intensity from their mother at all....).  I'm used to this. Aren't we all? But sometimes I forget how tired it can make you. Like a one-man show playing all the characters. Jim Carey must get tired a lot. I digress.

They are my love. And they are so smart. Smarter than me sometimes.

So Tuesday, I went to get the mail, I was feeling really low. Not sad, just tired, and just empty emotionally. You know?

And guess what? I went out to get the mail, and it was like Christmas. I couldn't believe it.

There were no joke 4 packages waiting there. With my name on them.

I got 3 books that I'd ordered over a month ago from Europe, that I'd been waiting to see forever (one of them I've waited to get for 4 years!)

I'll post more on these later. They are just beautiful. This one I was introduced to by my cousin who brought these home from Germany 4-5 years ago, and I've been trying to find it ever since.  Fiete Anders is the name, (which is a play on words as ANDERS in German means different or unique) and is about a red and white striped sheep that feels alone in the world until he starts to see other things with red and white stripes. Absolutely darling. Just look at the shape of the book. I'm in love.

This French book, Sha Salome by  illustrator  Loic Clement I've been following for some time. Just came out. Just charming. I love that cat.

And then, one of the ladies that sewed for me at market, sent me this hand embroidered tea towel, which translates to say "It's always a good time for tea and macaroons" coupled with this needle book with my fabric, and a Scandinavian crewel embroidery kit. She made these just "because" she know I'd like them. My faith in the goodness of people is getting stronger every day. I was stunned and amazed.

But I kept opening....last was a scarf from a special person who saw this striped scarf and thought of my bunny who loves to wear the same.

I couldn't believe it.

I sat there with my jaw dropped. And then I cried.

Ask my husband. He was there. I mean, really? It's those little things that get you through.That get you out of your funk, and give you the energy to step it up and keep going. With a smile.

Parcels in the mailbox addressed to you with ribbons and bows.

Pretty things from pretty people really make the difference sometimes.  Don't they?

It's all the sunshine people need sometimes.

I've renewed my commitment to be a better gift giver.  What a day. Happy Friday!!




PS: Are you on instagram? I'm showing up there more. So easy to document those little things with a phone in hand. I'd love to follow you too! @sarahjanestudios