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CHRISTMAS cover for blog
CHRISTMAS cover for blog

When you put a book out in the world, it's only natural for you to hope people like it. I mean, it's a labor of love, and you get really close to your work, and you really have no idea how it will be received out in the big (critical) world out there.

I finished this book a year and a half ago. Can you believe that? I started it when Ella was born. It's a weird idea to promote something that people are seeing as fresh and new, but really it's something that is a part of your soul....from 2009. I know it's part of the industry that I'm in, but I still can't get used to it:)

So finding out that A Christmas Goodnight has received some warm praises, is such a highlight. This is my first experience with having my name in papers, and online reviews, so you can imagine how I'd be a little shy about hearing what people have to say. I'm just so glad that readers are finding it a classic and special way to bring in the Christmas Season!

new york times book review
new york times book review

Yesterday, A Chrismtas Goodnight was featured in the NEW YORK TIMES Book Review section, which is pretty neat. And I realized, that I haven't really shared any reviews with you! Here you go:

"...a debut for Wright, the illustrator, "A Christmas Goodnight" features sweet faced children and animals and an especially cosy looking manger, which work well with Buck's graceful rhymes."

The New York Times

“Buck and debut illustrator Wright produce a book that deserves special status, to be kept off-season with other holiday decorations and then brought out each year at Christmas. Great for grandparents to give.”

Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Quietly charming. A fine read-aloud for a group of little ones, but also a cozy choice as a December bedtime story. A terrific introduction for preschoolers who are just learning about the Nativity story.”

Kirkus Reviews

“The soothing rhyming text and soft palette of the illustrations is ideal for bedtime read-alouds while also serving as a straightforward introduction to the important characters in the story of that first Christmas. ”

The Horn Book


The most important reviews are the ones from the kids though. I love getting your emails sharing with me your children's reactions....their favorites little characters (everyone loves either the little tiny bunny or the baby lamb) and it's so special for me to hear that! Reactions from the children are the most important. I'm a newbie here in the publishing world, but I'm already working on more books...and if you have a review to share, I'd love it if you could post one online.

Last week, Kenneth and I took the kids out for a little family date night (ice cream cones and a trip to Barnes and Noble) and as we walked into the children's section, guess what we saw for the first time! Addie and Ian had the cutest faces. The face that says: "No way! This store has the same book that mom made?" Ian was sure to hurry and point out the little hidden secrets in the book that he loves to see

Happy Monday! I've got tons of fun downloads and activities and Christmas play things to show you in conjunction with the book and with Christmas. I feel like a Christmas Elf!

Thanks all of you who have shared your wonderful emails and comments about the book. It's a sweet, simple, uncomplicated book...the way the Christmas Story should be. It's the kind of book that you have to read slow and feel. And I've loved reading your comments:)

signed bookplate
signed bookplate

And just a reminder...there are just a few more days (Dec. 10th internationally and Dec. 15th within in the U.S.) that you can get autographed bookplates from me that I'd be happy to sign and write a message on. You can get them here.

Happy Monday!!