Fox in my kitchen.

I have a fox in my kitchen. A really awesome-fun-to-be-around-fox. He's a chef. And he cooks things. And while you never know what you are going to get, it's always really really good.

Massaman Curry? Yum. Chocolate Torte with Raspberry? Yes please. Rustic European loaf with imported cheese? Love.

Today was cranberry apple bread and homemade turkey soup. Tomorrow will be something completely different.

But here's the problem. He's an artist in the kitchen. And like me, he's hard to pin down. He is sneaky and mysterious and you never know what he will invent. Although, you never worry, because it's always

The problem? I can't get him to write a single thing down. Mostly because he is a busy father. But also, because he never makes the same thing twice. And really, that's what it takes to write down your recipes. First time is the playing, and the second time is the recollecting.

So this is where I am putting on a little pressure. We all need a little, right?  I've been wanting to illustrate more food lately, and I've convinced him that I'd illustrate his recipes if he wrote a few down. How does that sound? Pretty wonderful. His mother will love us for it. He's going to love me for it. And every one else who has been privileged to be at his table.

So, 2012...the year of some illustrated recipes? Maybe even prints? Hmmmm.....smells good;)