*Each day this week, I'll be giving away a new favorite book of mine! Entries are for one day only, and I'll ship them out, brand new, to hopefully add to your gift giving this year!

So we have a lot of books at our house. But not enough either! We're big readers, and I'm constantly gathering up new favorites...mostly picture books...but also how-to's, novels and non-fictions. I have too many that I love...and I've been wanting to giveaway some of my favorites for a long time!

These are all brand new, never been read, and are gifts from moi to hopefully add to your christmas giving this year!

I've been wanting to share with you some of this year's favorites, and I thought a really fun way to do that would be to offer a giveaway every day this week of some of my best loved reads. Picture books are a favorite gift of mine to give, and so I thought I'd give some here too! We have a brand new nephew this year, and the new parents were asking me what my favorite books were since they had no idea where to start! I was so excited to really think about the books that I've loved! start off..

I'm giving away a copy of A PERFECT SQUARE.

I absolutely adore this book. Simple, bright, and playful...but will make you, the reader, contemplate how you handle change.

It's the story of a perfect square (made of colored paper) and every day, he gets torn, ripped or cut and is transformed into various images. Perfectly inspiring both artistically and emotionally...a wonderful read for children and adults!


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I''ll tally up the entries at the end of each only 1 day to enter for each book!



Yay! Gina F. #73 for winning!