Santa Lucia


Happy All Saints Day!

I'm not Catholic, so I never did have the chance to learn much about Santa Lucia, the saint that is celebrated at Christmas time throughout Scandinavian countries, and other parts of Europe.  But I have always, always loved the tradition and story behind Santa Lucia, or St. Lucy, and so I've made a print in the shop since I have always wanted to participate in this tradition.

Ok, Ok, I know it's not Christmas yet. But, being All Saints Day, I figured this was ok to share, right?

St. Lucia is the bringer of light. In one of the darkest countries in the world during December, St. Lucia is celebrated on Dec. 13, the darkest day of the year. It is ironically, the mark of the beginning of the 12 days of Christmas! I've always wanted to dress up as a little girl, with candles on my head and celebrate the Christmas Season just like they do in Scandinavia, and elsewhere throughout the world.

I just think it's so wonderfully bright and cheery and symbolic on so many levels. I think we might find a way to read about this tradition on the 13th of December this year. To me, it's always been such a warm, welcoming way to introduce the Christmas Season!

I'm going to be sharing a lot of Christmas things early this year. With my book being out, and lots of new Christmas items in the shop, and coming on the blog, I'm going to make my apologies now, that starting today, there is officially no guilt in me bringing on the Christmas Season!

Happy All Saints day, and hope you all had a wonderful Halloween. This is Ella's first real Halloween, and she finally got the point after about the 4th house. "Candy for Ella? More Candy?" is what we heard all night. I love the holidays. Don't you?


sarah j