Naptime and new blogging.

Confession: I don't draw very much. Well, for how much I really should be pulling out pencil and paper as an illustrator, I just don't.

I can think of a few good reasons:

3 busy children. Laundry. Cooking. School Lunches. Sleep. Studio deadlines. Email. Homework. Driving. Errands. Phone calls. Church service. Dishes. Playing with kids. Cleaning.

Well, all that said, I really wish I had more time to just draw what I was thinking. Cause that's how I think. In pictures and words.

But at the same time, as an illustrator, I need to be working at it every day if I ever want to get where I want to be.

I've tried to think of a motivation for a long time...but I finally found a way give myself the motivation to sketch every day.

I really like blogging. It takes time. I'm fast at it now, but it still takes time. I'm not willing to give up blogging to make more time to create, so I've decided to do what my blog actually says: "Illustrate Childhood."

I hereby commit to having an illustration in every single blog post from here on out!

There. I said it.

Ha ha. Just watch...I won't blog as much now:)

No...this is just what I need.   I need be sketching every day, and I'm telling the universe so that I can't slack off. And if anything...this place will get a lot more interesting:)

I'll still have photos...but I'm always going to have some art.

Deal? Deal.

And speaking of the lack of time I have to illustrate, here's what my darling sweet 2 1/2 year old looks like when she is supposed to be napping: She comes out of her room, tip-toes oh so daintily down the hallway, and freezes in this very pose as soon as she sees me.   And then she stands there..arms out, tongue out, avoiding my glance...completely frozen in place until I pick her up.

You know when you want to laugh so hard, but you can't ... so you turn your face away and hold it? But the tears are coming and your stomach hurts?

That happens to me about 1:30 p.m. every afternoon in the family room. Just me and her.

Right now, she's winning. I mean, how can you get upset? It stinks to have cute kids.