Mood Boards

I like to put mood boards together. Inspiration boards. Story Boards. Whatever you call it, it's really good for me to put my ideas in one place, and make little families.

My brain is always so full of information, it really helps to put bits and chunks in one place and see how they work together. Sometimes they are digital, sometimes they are on my wall in my studio...sometimes they are cut and paste, or printed out on paper. Pinterest is awesome for collecting name form, and I have collected ideas there.

This one is for a top-secret mission and I can't say anything about it.

Just kidding. I'm working on new fabric again (!) and this is a peek at just the ideas behind it. Too early to show anything just yet...but it's rather fun to see how it all gets started. The conception of ideas usually starts with random bits of information in my head (information for me = sounds, colors, shapes, people, phrases, memories...) and plop them down on the table and then I start to see where and how they work together. I move the pieces around like it's a puzzle, and eventually pieces shift, get thrown out, come to the front...and I have something to work with. The conception stage takes the longest for me. Like a really good, slow simmer!

But I'm liking it so far! I think the octopus is blushing...and it makes me smile to wonder at what! Cute little guy!


And PS: The Cyber Monday sale is still going on here and here! Read more here. Happy Holidays!!! Yipee!