Just one more thing...

Ok. So I promised that I was going to include an illustration in every post. But my blog has been down, and my hands have been tied up in web-stuff.

But I had to share this one last image from our trip to HANA. The tide pools below the house are covered in black lava rock formations, and then broken up bits of coral from ages of wear. My parents and Kenneth and I spent an hour searching and wading through pools looking for the best letters to make the phrase. A task that simple seemed like play...spend an hour looking for the letter "E?" That's when I started to realize that I really do have a lot going on in my life, and slowing down is a very theraputic, wonderful thing.

Right now, I've been in the middle of some more website battles..and so I'm really, really sorry if you've emailed me, visited the blog or site and gotten error pages, or broken links.  We're still working on some issues! And they've made me go a little crazy...cause it's like having a house with no drivway or address...but things are getting there, and if you had trouble this week so far...I'm so sorry. Today I'm shifting my mind back to that trip where I truly felt nothing else but being mindful of the present moment, and that is a good way to go into this Thanksgiving holiday. But I'll be back with some exciting BLACK FRIDAY sale notices, so you can be ready for shopping after Turkey day.

I hope you all have WONDERFUL thanksgiving plans! We do. We have family in town, and a new baby nephew who I can't get enough of. I just love this holiday. So much.

God bless, and have a wonderful, wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

(But don't forget to come back and find out about weekend sales...they'll be all done by monday!!)

Love to you all,