Thinking about change.

I'm bending over backwards to get my website up and running by next week. I am so thrilled to finally have a space that is a lot more cohesive, simple, and well...just a good place to come and visit! But's been more work than I was prepared for!

I've been photographing up a storm, and I wanted to post this picture today. I think this might be my favorite print in my shop. It often sits quietly, not as noticed as a lot of others. But this one has always been telling of this season. Changing seasons, quiet sounds, yet magical and whimsical. It  makes me thoughtful, maybe because I'm watching more...watching for that next leaf to change...looking for which tree on the mountain will be red next.  This piece is in my studio for that always makes me smile.

I've been pensive and thoughtful as I've stayed up these past several nights revamping my website after starting this curious journey 4 years ago this month. I will never forget the sleepless nights I spent with prints all over my floor trying to learn how to use a fine art printer. I was so driven to earn an income from my artwork instead of selling health products MLM like I had started doing...that it all seemed so worth it. I was nervous, excited, scared and a lot of naive! But full of hope. I just hoped that someone would buy a few prints, and help me stay home with my two babies.

We all have that hope. Hope that by trying something new, things will improve. That from hard work, faith, smarts and (a lot of!) drive, answers will come and problems will resolve. I don't believe in waiting around for other people to solve your problems...and looking back, I see how tenatious I was to start an entire business out of those hopes! But it's what was (and still is!) in my gut and my soul, and I've just marveled at all the knowledge gained, relationships made, growth and faith I've built.

Forgive me for the nostalgia today! I really can get nostalgic and sappy. But this weather, my businesses 4th birthday and me having to dig through 4 years of all my art has kept me rather pensive. As a creative spirit, it's natural for me to always be digging up, learning and observing from everything around me...and so I guess that's why I'm popping in today! Change is good, and reminds me that you can make what ever you want out of your life! I've really had to ask myself some big questions lately: like why do I want what I want, and do what I do? These are the kinds of questions that help me remember that every path is different, every person unique. And sometimes looking back at it all just makes me feel really, well...grateful! So grateful. I'm thoughful and humble today. And i guess I just wanted to tell you all that: We are all unique and have our own path to carve out of the rock. And if we stop and listen often enough, the way to go is always clear.

And so, thanks for listening! You are all wonderful and I'm blessed to have a place to share this creative journey!

Have a wonderful weekend folks!