Keeping it real.

Hi you guys. I just came back from an awesome vacation. Well, STAY-cation. No work. No deadlines to worry about. No phone calls. Just home on a cold, cozy weekend with just the 5 of us. It was perfect.

We played, read, cooked, ate, roasted marshmallows, danced, sang, snuggled in blankets, and just enjoyed "being." We didn't even get in the car once. It was awesome.

Then I got on Pinterest, looking for ideas on how to "someday" finish the kitchen, and I got to thinking about all these "perfect" spaces that we are so used to seeing on blogs and all over the web.

Golly, sometimes I wish we could just see some jam on the floor in those designer room interiors! I mean, that would for sure give me a better inclination to see if that floor color would really "work" in my house.

And while I was getting ready to tidy up this weekend (singing along to the Weepies, and not really caring if I got to the bedrooms...this was a stay-cation after all!) I realized that this is home. I hate having a messy house. I really do. But I also know that I am REALLY going to miss it in 15+ years. Really miss it.

Toys on every floor in the house  means there are little people in my life who make me so ridiculously happy.

Crumbs on the floor means Kenneth made 2 loaves of fresh 5 grain bread, in which 1 was entirely devoured in 10 minutes. And what ever didn't make into little mouths, ended up on the floor. With jam, of course.

My shoes all over the house means I have girls who really like really to play Mommy. Lint on the floor means I have a really lousy IKEA rug that sheds. There really isn't anything too happy about that one, except that, well, we have rug.

Clothes that end up everywhere means I have really creative children who would rather  1) be naked or 2) be an impersonation of something besides themselves. Every. Single. Day.

Chalkboards  in most rooms mean I have chalk dust on my floors constantly. But I also get pretty pictures (and menus) all the time. Oh, and notice the french invitation to Addie's Cafe. Completely illegible and spelled wrong, but she reads it in a very french accent and it makes me giggle.

Corn that never got picked (I don't know if we just forgot, or never knew when the right time to pick it) means we have awesome fall decorations for our kitchen table now.

An overgrown side yard means there are magical pathways for exploring.

An un-weeded garden means that we spend most of our time picking and watering and preparing fresh veggies, rather than weeding.

And messy hair means I get great pictures out of my baby.

See? It's not so bad. I'm starting a revolution.

**And speaking of messy, I'm in the process of redoing my blog and building a expect some changes, which I'll address very soon!**