he's outside the box.

Last night (late!) while I was working, I caught wind that Steve Jobs died. While we all knew that he resigned from Apple, had been struggling with cancer for years, I felt the universe quiet down for a moment. I didn't even know him. Never seen him in person...I don't even think I've seen him in video. But I've read of his life, read his words, and seen his work (and listened to it!) And while it was late, I had to sketch out in my journal this quote that I've come to love so much.

The world is a different place because people like Steve worked hard, fought, tried NOT to fit in and make ideas happen. He came to earth with a mission. I love this that he said:

'We're here to put a dent in the universe' ~ Steve Jobs

After my car accident this year (did I mention I had two? The other was a snow related accident where  my car slid down a steep hill out of control and stopped feet before a big drop off.) Ya. It's been quite the year. I've wondered so much about those two close to death experiences, and while there are SO many ways I realize I have changed because of it, I really resonated with these words from Steve Jobs. Ever since those incidences, time is even more valuable. Fear is stupid. Or, if it's there, it reminds me that I am mortal and that I am in constant search for divine help. I am reminded that I came here with incredible potential to do good. And every minute that is sucked into mindless surfing on the internet (which happens!) or even time spent worrying or wondering about the future rather than just doing something about it, I get angry that there are so many distractions all around us to keep us from "making that dent in the universe."

And believe me, you don't make a dent from wishing for, hoping for, or following someone else's dent. It's yours to make. And when you remember that your life is a ticking clock with a buzzer that someday really will go off, it can easily, at least for me, keep me moving and making and shaking.

Steve Jobs. Mover and Shaker. Curious and Determined. Visionary and Realist.

You brought us the ipod. But more than that, you set a course and revealed a path we often lose sight of.

You will be missed.