Haunted House Halloween Cut-out

The past few Halloweens, we've started some fun making traditions. Remember these and these?

Well, we've also made these haunted houses, and I figured I should document it and let you in on some fun too!

So far this month, we've made about a dozen of these...so  many that they have even stapled them together and turned them into "Haunted House Book" collection. Each page sports a new variety of spooky things in the window. This is hours of entertainment for sure!

You can download the PDF download that I made here, and follow the instructions. But just to prove that it's simple and easy, here are some picture 'how-to's'

Cut out the template and trace onto black paper

Cut out the black paper (with yellow underneath to make a really cool candle it window effect!) We've traditionally just mounted these on white paper...so either way works!

Remove the yellow paper, and cut out the windows with an exacto knife

haunted house 7
haunted house 7


...and then draw spooky window creatures!

There are really endless options with this template, so have fun!

And here is Ian saying "ONE picture mom. Just one!" What? I like to take a lot of pictures? No.

haunted house 2
haunted house 2

Have so much fun!

Here's the download for ya:



Happy Halloween!