Support for the creative business girl

I know a lot of you are creative people with businesses. Or if you don't have a business out of your hobby, you're interested in making it happen. Or if you are crazy enough to have a business out of your hobby, you are lonely and looking for crazy friends who do the same thing! Here's some places you need to visit:

1) Touchpoint: Startup Princess is hosting this fantastic annual event next week, and is offering a$50 off code (the code is "women") at registration for this awesome power packed conference in Salt Lake City that you don't want to miss.  And Kelly, my friend and host, just mentioned that scholarships are still available for 50% off registration. This is a steal you guys! All you need to do is contact Kelly, or email her (kelly at startupprincess dot com) and tell her why you deserve to be at the event and why you need this jumpstart in your life. Normally $275, this event is SO worth the money. Touchpoint is what got me started. There is so much support to be had, and info to glean from experienced women who are in this like you! Having a creative hobby really takes some business knowledge, and this is the place to get it!   Click here for more info.

2) Creative Collaborative: did you know that once a month super awesome people in Utah get together to eat treats and talk shop? Thursday we are picking up the schedule again from a slow summer schedule. This month: Creativity and Ethics: super bloggers C.Jane and Melissa Esplin talk about the ins and outs to having a community around your brand! And did I mention it's FREE? Click here for details.

3) The Creative Connection: It's a little late, but registration is still open! I'll be speaking in St. Paul on Friday at 4:00 pm on the "Creating Community through E-commerce." I'll be joined by some super awesome gals (Andrea, Amy, and Sandi who also do what they love and have made a business out of it! I'm super excited to be speaking...and....I'll also be doing a book signing of Christmas Goodnight which won't even be on the shelves yet. Yay!

See you there!