Just Stay Little

I've seen some pretty darn cute birthday Parties out there on pinterest, and blogs and the online land of endless ideas. But I have yet to see a Birthday party inspired by a print of Fabric.

I saw this post this morning, and I just had to share!

Maggie of Smashed Peas and Carrots designed her littler girl's birthday party around the "Just Stay Little" print of fabric, complete with cutting out all the little dresses and making the cutest decorations! You can see more pictures here.

Just stay little...please? Just last night I noticed how big my babies are in their beds. Oh dear. Does it really happen? Do they really grow up? Don't answer that question.

Sorry if you are bored with seeing other people's creations with this fabric. To be honest, it  has become a wonderful fulfillment of a dream of mine. As a designer and illustrator, I've had many opportunities to choose where I contract my work. And as i've contemplated the products and the people I work with, my vision has always been to let the end product inspire more creativity out of the consumer. Seeing photos like this make me feel like it's all worth it. Art on the wall is nice, but I love seeing pictures of your puppet theaters, fabric creations and so many other things you've shown me.

Thanks for inspiring me!!

And also, are you going to The Creative Connection? Can't wait to see you there!