Collaborations and Discussions

Since I've started Sarah Jane Studios, and really from the very beginning, I've been surrounded by inspiring and tenacious friends who want to start a business from their hobby or passion. It's been so great to surround myself with such enthusiasm! And from early on, I've been asked to speak or be a panelist at events where business, creativity, or design has been a key topic. What a treat this has been! Even though I prepare a lot of information myself, I always come away with questions that I never would have asked myself.

I also love being around the creative energy of people like you who love what they do and either do it just for the love, or to put a little aside in their pocket book too. This generation of DIY, bad economy, Mother's having to work more than ever, etc. ...has really generated a HUGE wave of women who are so darn determined to work from home doing what they love (instead of behind a counter in a cubicle with no windows).  And it's empowering to be around these people. So I do it a lot. And I make a lot of friends, and it's wonderful.

But now it's your turn to ask me some questions that I want to start discussing!

I'm going to be speaking at a few events coming up, and want your feedback. The first up, is Creative Collaborative is having another meeting tomorrow night at 7pm, and we'll be discussing:

Alma Loveland- Pricing, choosing how to charge your fees

Mike Loveland- Balancing work with family/social demands

Justin Hackworth- Networking with other artists/businesses/bloggers....

Sarah Jane- Using Social Media to grow your business

Susan Petersen- setting up shop online, and getting your art out!

Melanie Burk- Building clients, building a website, online presence

Also, in September I'm going to be a panelist at The Creative Connection!

{I am really excited about this. I've never been before, but I hear it's amazing. Key notes include Decor 8, members of the Oprah team and Blogher.Heather Bailey, Patty Young,Betz White and other fabric friends will be joining the scene, as well as other AMAZING representatives from all over: Magazines, Publishing, Media, Product Licensing, etc. You can learn everything from how to knit to how to pitch to an agent; How to host an event to getting a licensing deal. Classes include cooking, crafting, writing, business learning, and so much more! It's going to be amazing. There is a link over on my side bar and you can click right over. }

I'm on a panel that will be discussing e-commerce and having an online shop. And, I know, there are A LOT of you that have online shops, or have always wanted to get your art/creativity out there. I know there are a lot of us that are in this, and we all want to learn more!

So.... I want to hear from YOU!

What questions do YOU have about running an online business with your art? What are the biggest concerns you have, or issues that you want more information/support on?

Leave a comment below, and we can discuss them here on the blog, at Creative Collaborative, etc. I don't have all the answers, but I think this will be a good discussion.

Ask Away!