Getting older.


Today is a special day. A day I share with Harry Potter's Final Film (!!!) and one of my favorite Dutch artists, Rembrant. I'm feeling rather old fashioned to be honest. Old, being the key word.

Like the other day when my kids asked me about pens.

THEM: "What did people draw with  in the olden days if they didn't have pens?"

ME: "Pencils."

THEM: "What about before pencils? Like in the really olden days, Mom?"

ME:"Paint brushes." I'm thinking that you can't really go beyond that unless you start talking about rocks, right?

THEM: "Mom! In the really olden days, they used chicken feathers!"

Oh. Of course. I forgot that one.

We have chickens. And chickens shed feathers. And they are collected by my children in droves. And they make fantastic Quills. But...only if you tell them at in the Olden Days, everyone had to be patient. I mean, you couldn't exactly send off a note in 10 seconds, because you had to redip your feather. Again, and again, and again. This might be the first time my children actually became a little impatient and quit their art projects rather early. It was rather comical.

"Wow, the people that used chicken feathers to draw must be really, really old now, Mom."

Well, I guess so. And I am joining in the old club. At least I get breakfast in bed, sushi dinner and a trip to the movies. Go Harry!

But Pssst....I'm hosting a lot of birthday celebrations next week. All week. You won't want to miss out, so came back bright and early on Monday morning, and share the love!


sarah jane