Free Easter Paper Dolls

Happy Easter Paper dolls blog

Happy Easter Paper dolls blog

Happy Easter!

This afternoon, my next door neighbors came outside with some brand new ducks, just a few weeks old, and ooooooohhh....let me just tell you how much fun we had! I'm really regretting that I didn't have a camera, because it was just so darling so see my kids playing with baby ducks while filling up a play pool full of water. Cold water too. Have you ever seen a baby duck shiver? CUTEST THING EVER.

So, being's a sweet little Easter Present for you. In case you need some extra play this weekend, you can DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

Free ninety free.

And be creative! These dolls could make a really cute stage play using THIS.

And if you want more dolls, and more clothes, you can go HERE.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I will be conducting the children at church on Easter Sunday while they sing, and I am honestly just really looking forward to it. I love Easter. And singing with the children. Is there a better combo?