Two in one!

So, Amsterdam. I have only been there once, and it was a short trip. Just a couple of days. But I loved it. I love the Netherlands, and while I could have spent most of my time in the country, I really love the intimate feel of the city.

And like you, I mostly just love the bikes. Wow. I've never seen such art...bikes and trams and cars all working together (and nearly running over eachother!) But it's gorgeous to watch and be in. I've never seen so many people cycling in one made me really wish that Americans could adopt that culture a bit better. It does help that Amsterdam is all below sea level and flat.  Too bad I live at the top of a really steep hill...but hey...i'd have much sexier calves, that's for sure.

children around the world 4
children around the world 4

So, now we have four fantastic cities in the shop! You'll notice that they are all a bit if you are collecting these, please don't expect them all to match. (Since when was the world matchy-matchy?) But do expect them to look superb all together.

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There is more coming. I plan on doing 12 cities around the world. You can read about it more here. Enjoy!

I'm really getting the travel itch, you?