Wanna do an embroidery project with me?

Hello! So happy today is a friday. It's snowy and cold, but somehow I don't mind because there's a weekend. And weekends are usually busy here..but it's a weekend. And somehow that word just makes it all better. Yes?

So, this weekend, I am going to be working on some designs and projects that will be ready for spring. Which isn't that far away (even though it's freezing here and it's hard to believe). And I need your help. I am getting some new embroidery patterns ready for the shop, but I am hoping to have quite a few designs....and I don't think I'll be able to hand embroider all of them in the next 3 weeks.

So...I've posted this on twitter, so some of you are already in on the deal...but I am proposing an embroidery Sarah Jane swap. I need some help with getting embroidery finished in exchange for a complete set of free embroidery patterns, and some other goodies.

If you are a die hard hand embroidery gal, or just really love a good embroidery project (oh...and these are easy. Nothing complicated, I promise!) please email me and let me know if you are interested. I'd love it! And, I'd love to see people come together over some fun embroidery. I love it. I love that it's like drawing...just with thread. It's the perfect activity for 'before spring' weather too, yes? Yes. I agree.

So, send me an email, and I'll send you the details. This will be super fun...don't be shy! I'd love to hear from you. Hmmmm...I like this idea of working on a project together as fellow blogger friends. We should do this more often. Ooooh...ideas brewing. Well...send me a note and we'll chat!

Happy Friday all!


sarah jane