A Christmas Goodnight Cover Release

"On a quiet but wondrous Christmas Eve, the nativity story comes to life,

and families everywhere celebrate the miracle of Christmas.

Nola Buck’s simple poetic text and tender illustrations by Sarah Jane Wright

make this gentle holiday goodnight book a joy to read and share with those you love!"

So, this is quite early in the game. But I had to share! My first picture book, A Christmas Goodnight, won't be coming out until the fall, but this is the first time that I can actually start releasing some images! It's so intersting: I've been working on this since August of 2009, and it's only just now that I can show you what I've spent the past year of my life doing:)

I won't tell you too much right now...there's still quite a while until any of you will be thinking about Christmas again. But, since you are all friends...and friends just want to share....I thought you'd love to catch a glimpse of what A CHRISTMAS GOODNIGHT is about.

Really, this post should be about my husband, friends and family who supported me all along the way. This has been my dream illustrate children's books...and I never realized that illustrating a children's book while mothering young children would be so challenging. But I've learned so much a long the way, which I plan on sharing a little later.

But for now: it's official.

A Christmas Goodnight

By Nola Buck Illustrated by Sarah Jane Wright

Harper Collins Childrens Books

Oct. 1, 2011

Not available for Pre-order just yet...hold your horses.

Merry Christmas!

Or rather, Happy Ground Hog Day!