Monday doodles.

I've mentioned that I've been working on my fabric designs....and this weekend as I was laying out colors ( in helps me to see them interact really well) I started to see images popping up on top of these stripes of color. You know when you see certain colors, they make you think of certain things? Well, these boy colors that I am working with just made me think  "lions". It's always interesting to me how ideas come. Lately, my ideas have been coming through color. Certain colors make us feel certain things. Don't know why these colors made me think about lions, but they did.  And though I am not much of a digital artist ( I prefer to draw by hand even when I am working digitally) this little guy had to make himself known. He even had the guts to write some graffiti on my color chart. And though I don't have any lions in my fabric, I've been thinking a lot about lion's lately....and it makes me want to play with them more.  You might be seeing some more very soon!

Happy monday!