{image via Daniel Hurst Photography}

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

We've been finding lazy days here. It's a nice change! It's odd....I've been madly art making these past 3 months, but since it's all for books and fabric, I just can't share any of it! But I've been thick in deadlines for the past while, so it's been nice to veg.  Oh how I love eating lunch in my pajamas and eating popcorn in bed. Heaven.

Well, there's been some hiccups too that has included emergency home maintenance (let's just say that this being our first winter has led to some big "Oh, Man!" moments: like pipes freezing and other major plumbing issues. Never a dull moment in an old house needing lots of TLC!)

But, so much to be Thankful for. This has been a very busy and big year for us, and with so much going on, I've learned the importance of stopping and counting my blessings. Especially when things are a bit challenging.

So here's a short list:

I'm thankful for....

* Crisp fall air

*A house.

*Birds that greet us each morning

*Amazing wonderful parents

*Ella's whalespout and pixie nose

*Ian's dramatic story renditions

*Addies wrap-around hugs

*My husband and his touch of magic in the kitchen

*Soft pillows

*Tea on cold nights

*A fireplace and free wood from our neighbor

*My drawing table

*This music

*My faith

*And wonderful friends who have stuck by me even though I don't have much time to socialize as of late

There is so much more....of course....

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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