Quilt Market.

Hello! I am back and full of inspiration. I was at Quilt Market, and wow. It was amazing. I don't even know how to start....

First of all, I have to apologize for junk photography.  I am a self-professed bad photographer in artificial lighting.

Second of all, I recognize that some of you are saying, "Quilt Market? What is it and what does Sarah Jane  have to do with quilting?" Lemmee essplain:

Quilt market is basically the trade show for quilting and soft crafts (clothing, home decor, etc.) where designers present their new designs (fabric design as well as pattern design) for buyers and distributers to purchase.

It's huge, and big and quite inspiring. Since I am going to be designing fabric (insert squeal here), and because I am so new to the fabric industry, I wanted to go and see what it was all about! So, Sandi Henderson (remember when she stayed at my house last month?) and I traveled up together (that's another story in and of itself!) and she gave me the grand tour, and introduced me to so many of the people I have admired for years. It was amazing!

And can I just tell you? Getting to meet and talk with Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, Liesl from Oliver & S, Patty Young, Pillow & Maxfield, Betz White, Marisa Hedike, Melissa Averinos....the list goes on and on....was so great! Admiring people from afar via blog land is nothing compared to meeting and connecting in person. I have such a new found respect and love for these women who follow their creative passions without reservation, and have the family support to do it.  Going to Quilt Market was kind of like being inducted into a new family. It was wonderful!

I didn't manage to get pictures of me with people...the lighting in the convention center is so tricky to manage. But I did get a few shots of some of my favorite booths to give you a taste.

Tula Pink blew me away with her Mysterious/Vintage Sea Faring booth.

I got to watch Anna Maria present her (incredible!) new line of Fabric at School House. I even got to meet her mom who was helping out since she brought all 5 of her children with her to Houston. Such a wonderful family...and warm loving people!

Patty Young also designs with Michael Miller and was presenting her new stuff. Such a clean open booth...loved it.

Amy Butler blew me out of the water with her booth. It was honestly such a treat to meet her in person. She has talent whizzing out of her ears and yet is the most dear, sweet person. It was such a treat to pick up her new book too!

And meeting Liesl of Oliver & S was such a treat. Honestly, she is one of my new favorite people. Her children's clothing makes me so happy!

So really, My 48 hours of "get myelf emersed in the designer fabric industry" was just that. It was heavenly to be surrounded by so many amazingly talented people, yet who's lives are lived day to day, doing what they love. And, many of them with families at home and little ones too. So with being in illustration and loving the children's book industry that I feel so comfortable in, I was so happy to know that the fabric industry is just as welcoming and warm and full of amazing potential.

Being an artist is so thrilling. I love being a part of  world where possibilities are endless. Never an end to creative ideas. And I am so honored to be a part of it!

But with all the new inspiration, it got me inspired to finish working on my new line for May! So back to work....art might be endless, but deadlines arn't! Back to the drawing table...I can't wait to show you what I have up my sleeve!