Pumpkins & Good intentions.


OK. So I had these grand intentions of posting every day this week, cause I have so much I want to share!

But then I remembered.

  • I've been hosting family all this month.
  • I am going to quilt market with Sandi Henderson, and  since she's been visiting at my house, there has been a lot of chatting. And a lot of getting ready to do.
  • It's Halloween, and there's been Spooky School Concerts and Haunted piano recitals (Addie is playing "Mary had a little a lamb" in C minor for her performance)
  • And we've been hit with the normal first year cold bug. Yuck.

But, before I head out to Market, I had to share these amazing pumpkins that Addie and Ian started from seed this spring and just picked last week. Any suggestions for how to carve something to huge? We just love them, and the kids are so proud.

So, sorry for the lack of posts but don't forget to stop by for another giveaway this weekend!