Books You'll Love: Only a Witch Can Fly

Good morning!

I bring you a picture book I love...and know you will too. Taeeun Yoo, one of my favorite up and coming illustrators, illustrated this charming book: Only a Witch Can Fly. Just look:

It's just a charming halloween book about a young witch who desperately wants to fly, but doesn't know how.

Here's an excerpt:

If you were a witch, who had not yet flown

And the dark night sky held a round yellow moon,

and her moon shown her light on the silent broom

and the dark black cat beside you croaned, Soar,

would you too begin to cry,

because your longing to fly?

Only a witch can fly.

So perfect for Halloween! This book was nominated as one of the Top Ten Illustrated Books of 2009. And for a good reason. It's gorgeous!

This time of year has such wonderful Halloween Reads. I will try and post more soon. But this one is at the top of my list for sure! Enjoy!

**And just to let you know, this blog is getting a major fall cleaning and redo. So, it may be a little messy this week as we shift things around. Stay tuned!