Writing letters.

Hi Folks, Kinda boring post this morning. Sorry. I promise I'll make it up...I've got some great news coming soon. But real quick:

I have a new link over on the side bar that looks like this:

This means you can sign up to have lovely letters sent to your inbox from me every so often. They aren't from spammers, or from crazy people. Just a letter every once in a while from Sarah Jane with special discounts, important updates, special news and pretty pictures that will make you smile. I know lots of you have signed up already, but i've decided to restructure some things and so if you could kindly sign up again, that would make me so happy!

*EDIT: if you have already signed up on past months, no need to do it again!*

And so that means if you are reading this in a Reader, click over and take a second to put in your email. Thanks!

I really love keeping in touch with you all. Count me in as a pen-pal. But I promise...I don't send junk mail. Just pretty mail maybe once every 2 months. That kinda thing.

And really. Sign up. I have some really awesome news coming soon!

Have a good one...and speaking of letters, I'm off to write a love note to this hot boy of mine. It's his birthday. And yes. That is really him. Isn't he darling?