Got Joy?

Happy Monday!

We're back from  another vacation visiting family. This time to my back East home right outside of DC as well as to the beach. A perfect getaway right before summer's end! So we are getting (slowly) back into the swing of things, but all the while missing all the extra hugs and kisses and wonderful company of parents and siblings.

Taking a time-out to be with family always gives me a chance to reflect on how happy I am. I adore my husband, my children, my home, my life!  And yesterday, as I was teaching Sunday School to our group of 13 year old's somewhere along the topic of "It's All About Your Attitude" and "You Can Choose to be Happy" we watched this clip and this clip which always get me in that grateful mood. There is so  much to be grateful for!

And I made these little bumper sticker reminders, which I have had on my fridge for years. Sometimes you need a good reminder when you're grabbing that glass of milk.

But, if you have a baby Ella, you get the reminder every day. I guess I just keep the sticker up for when I can't see her charming face...which actually is this sunshin-y every day. Man, I love her!

Oh, and feel free to download the sticker and print it for your own personal use.

Well....happy Monday! Hope you are having a joyful day!