Inside my sketchbook

My sketchbooks are incredible works of art. And I say that completely without ego. See, I can't draw in a sketchbook without 2 minutes going by when all my kids are surrounding me wanting to either 1) comment 2) color in my drawings with the nearest crayon or 2) share the chair and draw with me on the same page. What this means is that I go through phases of drawing with my kids. Sometimes it proves to be simply a supervised drawing session for them. Even though they have their own sketchbooks, they prefer to just draw in mine. But that's wonderful too, because I see in them budding artists. Addie already is quick to tell me I am off a bit on this or that. And I have to tell you...she is very quick to say that she is the best artist in the ENTIRE universe. Don't you think so? I thought you'd agree.