Books You'll Love: Sounds of Color

I found this book last week. And it changed me.

Sounds of Color, written and illustrated by Jimmy Liao a very different picture book than you've ever seen. It's about a girl who goes blind, and is on a journey to find her home of light and color. She takes these subway trains from station to station and we get to see what she imagines her journey to look like. It's breathtaking. Each page is filled with the possibilities of what could be, since she can't see what is in front of her.  This book will capture your heart. Jimmy Liao, the author and illustrator, paints with his soul. He taught me this week as I discovered this book, that color and light bring so much joy and comfort to us each day, and he illustrates that with all he has.

I haven't yet read this to my children. It's long at 80 pages, although it's mostly pictures and the text is very brief. But I have been so moved by it that I have to recommend it. It would be a wonderful way to help your children understand their gift of sight.

The book was originally written in Chinese and published in Taiwan. The english translation is beautiful, but I can only imagine how gorgeous it must be in it's native language. According to the end credits of the book, SOUNDS OF COLOR has been adapted into a stage play as well as a motion picture.

Just listen to the text.

It begins:

“A year ago I began to notice that my sight was slipping away. I sat at home alone and felt the darkness settle around me. But today I walked outside into the thin gray rain and made my way to the subway. I have a journey to go on. There are some things I need to find.”

"I have forgotten how blue the sky can be. But in my mind I still watch the clouds change shape."

"Sometimes the streets twist themselves into a maze."

"I never know if this station is the same as it was yesterday. Did it change overnight? Grow into something new?"

"Now I listen for the sound of the colors I can't see. I try to smell the shapes, taste the light and dark."

"There must be someone who'll sit beside me, sip tea, tell me her hopes for the future, and listen to mine."

This week, I have been reminded of the incredible gift of sight. As an artist, it's my favorite sensory experience. This sweet story will inspire you to see all that you can and look deeper into the gift of color and light.