Sneak Peek.

When you put your life and soul into something, it's only natural to want to share it with the people you interact with. I mean....what mother can't keep her mouth shut about the cute thing her toddler said, or the sleepless night spent with a teething infant? It's just how we are made. We were meant to share things.

I for one, and not naturally a 'secret keeper.' I can keep a secret when there is a specific reason behind the this book I'm illustrating for instance...but any one who knows me, knows that I'm a rather transparent person. I wear my feelings and thoughts on my sleeve.

But...the book is getting closer. Closer and closer to being done! It's taken a bit longer than initially anticipated:  mostly due to my buying and selling and remodeling a house, having a baby and mothering 3 under school age children while trying to learn the industry of picture book making all at the same time. Whew! But thankfully I have the best editor in the entire universe (Yes, YOU Molly!) and I've been granted a lot of strength and help from my family...namely my incredible and good-lookin' husband.

I'll save all the thank-you's for when I'm actually finished with this baby. But it's been an AMAZING that I can't wait to share more of. I can't share it all now...I still have a bit more time before it goes to press.... but the lessons have been invaluable. I'm completely in love with the Children's Book industry, and illustrating picture books is the hardest yet most fulfilling and wonderful work! I feel so, so lucky. It's such an amazing opportunity and I am so humbled to be involved and learning!

A CHRISTMAS GOODNIGHT (Fall 2011) written by Laura Godwin and Published with Katherine Tegan Books, and imprint of Harper Collins Children's Books,  is a simple goodnight story which mixes the traditional Christmas story with the story we make for ourselves every season. It is a classic treasure!

Stay tuned for more!