Rain drops for Amelia and FREE Download.

Paper Dolls, Paper Dolls. We do a lot of paper dolls around here, and it's high time for some new wardrobes and activities, yes?

And it's wet and rainy here this weekend, so this is going to be our weekend's Pretend Play activity.

This April Showers outfit comes complete with umbrella and Finn, Amelia's pet lamb. Can Amelia keep Finn out of the rain today? Cut it out and see!

Oh, and the best part is this is aFREE DOWNLOAD for you to print off and make today. The paper dolls can be found here, and this little scene can be downloaded FREE here.

The download even comes with rain drops if you want to make your own scene. glue these down to paper and display, or prop them up with cardstock and tape the raindrops to string for the ultimate diorama experience! Or  just play dolls. Have fun with it!